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Letter XI

La istoria de umania en tota edas es roja con sangue, e amarga con odia, e manxada con atas cruel; ma esta cualias ia es sin limita sola en la eda biblial. An la eglesa, cual es atribuida con la versa de plu sangue inosente de la comensa de sua supremia, ce tota la geras political combinada, ia oserva un limit. Un tipo de limita. Ma vos nota ce, cuando la Senior Dio de Sielo e Tera, Padre onorada de Umania, vade a gera, el no ave un limita. El es tota sin compatia - el, ci es clamada la Fonte de Compatia. El mata, mata, mata! Tota la omes, tota la bestas, tota la xicos, tota la bebes; ance tota la femes e tota la xicas, esetante los ci no ia es desflorida ja.

Human history in all ages is red with blood, and bitter with hate, and stained with cruelties; but not since Biblical times have these features been without a limit of some kind. Even the Church, which is credited with having spilt more innocent blood, since the beginning of its supremacy, than all the political wars put together have spilt, has observed a limit. A sort of limit. But you notice that when the Lord God of Heaven and Earth, adored Father of Man, goes to war, there is no limit. He is totally without mercy – he, who is called the Fountain of Mercy. He slays, slays, slays! All the men, all the beasts, all the boys, all the babies; also all the women and all the girls, except those that have not been deflowered.

El no distingui entre la inosente e la culpable. La bebes ia es inosente, la bestas ia es inosente, multe de la omes, multe de la femes, multe de la xicos, multe de la xicas ia es inosente, ma los ia debe sufri con la culpable. Cual la Padre demente ia esije ia es sangue e miseria; ci ta furni los no importa.

He makes no distinction between innocent and guilty. The babies were innocent, the beasts were innocent, many of the men, many of the women, many of the boys, many of the girls were innocent, yet they had to suffer with the guilty. What the insane Father required was blood and misery; he was indifferent as to who furnished it.

La puni plu pesos de tota ia es donada a persones ci no pote par cualce posible ia merita tan fortuna asustante - la 32,000 virjines. sua partes privata ia es esaminada, per es serta ce los ia posese ancora sua imenes nonrompeda; pos esta umili, los ia es enviada de sua pais propre, per es vendeda como sclavos; la sclavia la plu mal e la plu vergonios, la sclavia de prostitui; la sclavia de la leto, per stimula libido, e per sasia el con sua corpos; sclavia a cualce compror, esce el un senior o un vil ru e mugros.

The heaviest punishment of all was meted out to persons who could not by any possibility have deserved so horrible a fate – the 32,000 virgins. Their naked privacies were probed, to make sure that they still possessed the hymen unruptured; after this humiliation they were sent away from the land that had been their home, to be sold into slavery; the worst of slaveries and the shamefulest, the slavery of prostitution; bed-slavery, to excite lust, and satisfy it with their bodies; slavery to any buyer, be he gentleman or be he a coarse and filthy ruffian.

Ia es la Padre ci ia forsa esta puni feros e nonmeritada a esta virjines privada de sua amadas e amis, de ci el ia masacre sua parentes e familias ante sua oios. E esce los ia es preante a el per compatia e salva, durante? Sin duta.

It was the Father that inflicted this ferocious and undeserved punishment upon those bereaved and friendless virgins, whose parents and kindred he had slaughtered before their eyes. And were they praying to him for pity and rescue, meantime? Without a doubt of it.

Esta virjines ia es un saca. El ia declara sua parte e reseta el. Per ce el ia nesesa virjines? Esamina sua istoria plu resente e vos va sabe.

These virgins were “spoil” plunder, booty. He claimed his share and got it. What use had he for virgins? Examine his later history and you will know.

Se pretes ia reseta un parte de la virjines, ance. Per ce pretes ia nesesa virjines? La istoria privata de la confeseria Catolica Roman pote responde a acel demanda per vos. La diverte xef de la confeseria ia es la sedui - en tota edas de la Eglesa. Padre Hyacinthe atesta ce, de sento pretes ci ia confesa a el, novedes-nove ia usa produos la confeseria per la sedui de femes sposida e xicas joven. Un prete ia confesa ce de novesento xicas e femes ci ia confesa a el, nun ia evade sua abrasa libidos esetante la vea e la fea. La lista ofisial de demandas cual un prete nesesa demanda ta stimula serta cualce fem ci no es paraliseda.

His priests got a share of the virgins, too. What use could priests make of virgins? The private history of the Roman Catholic confessional can answer that question for you. The confessional’s chief amusement has been seduction – in all the ages of the Church. Père Hyacinth testifies that of a hundred priests confessed by him, ninety-nine had used the confessional effectively for the seduction of married women and young girls. One priest confessed that of nine hundred girls and women whom he had served as father and confessor in his time, none had escaped his lecherous embrace but the elderly and the homely. The official list of questions which the priest is required to ask will overmasteringly excite any woman who is not a paralytic.

Ave no cosa en istoria savaje o sivilida cual es plu tota completa, plu sin repenti, ce la campania de la Padre de Compatia contra la midianes. La reporta ofisial no furni tota avenis, episodios, e detalias minor, el furni sola masas de informa: tota la virjines, tota la omes, tota la bebes, tota “la viventes ci respira”, tota la casas, tota la sites; el dona a vos sola un pitura vasta, sperdeda asi a ala, tan distante ce la oio pote vide, de ruina ardeda e scopida par la venta; la vos imajina ajunta un cuieta, un silentia asustante - la cuieta de moria. Ma serta, ave avenis spesifada. De do nos va trova los?

There is nothing in either savage or civilized history that is more utterly complete, more remorselessly sweeping than the Father of Mercy’s campaign among the Midianites. The official report does not furnish the incidents, episodes, and minor details, it deals only in information in masses: all the virgins, all the men, all the babies, all “creatures that breathe,” all houses, all cities; it gives you just one vast picture, spread abroad here and there and yonder, as far as eye can reach, of charred ruin and storm-swept desolation; your imagination adds a brooding stillness, an awful hush – the hush of death. But of course there were incidents. Where shall we get them?

En la istoria de ier. En la istoria fada par la indian roja de America. El ia dupli la laboras de Dio, e ia fa el en la mesma zelo. En 1862 la indianes en Minnesota, ci ia es tratada mal e trados par la governa de la Statos Unida, vade contra la colonistes blanca e masacra los; masacra tota ci los pote toca, sin esetas de eda o seso. Considera esta aveni:

Out of history of yesterday’s date. Out of history made by the red Indian of America. He has duplicated God’s work, and done it in the very spirit of God. In 1862 the Indians in Minnesota, having been deeply wronged and treacherously treated by the government of the United States, rose against the white settlers and massacred them; massacred all they could lay their hands upon, sparing neither age nor sex. Consider this incident:

Des-du indianes ia forsa sua entra en un casa de la cultiveria a la leva de la sol e ia catura la familia. La familia ia inclui la cultivor e sua sposa e sinco fias, la plu joven ia es des-cuatro e la plu vea ia es des-oto. Los ia crusi la parentes; cual es per dise, los ia pone los completa nuda contra un mur de la salon e ia cloi sua manos a la mur. Alora los ia nudi la fias, ia estende los sur la solo ante sua parentes, e ia viole los repetente. Final, los ia crusi la fias a la mur contra sua parentes, e ia talia a via sua nases e senos. Ance, los - ma me no va dise plu. Ave un limita. Ave nondinias tan asustante ce la pen no pote scrive los. Un person de acel familia povre e crusida - la padre - ia es ancora vivente cuando la aida ia ariva du dias plu tarde.

Twelve Indians broke into a farmhouse at daybreak and captured the family. It consisted of the farmer and his wife and four daughters, the youngest aged fourteen and the eldest eighteen. They crucified the parents; that is to say, they stood them stark naked against the wall of the living room and nailed their hands to the wall. Then they stripped the daughters bare, stretched them upon the floor in front of their parents, and repeatedly ravished them. Finally they crucified the girls against the wall opposite their parents, and cut off their noses and their breasts. They also – but I will not go into that. There is a limit. There are indignities so atrocious that the pen cannot write them. One member of that poor crucified family – the father – was still alive when help came two days later.

Aora vos ave un esemplo de la masacra a Minnesota. Me ta pote dona sincodes a vos. Los ta esempli tota la formas diferente de cruelia cual la talento uman savaje ia inventa.

Now you have one incident of the Minnesota massacre. I could give you fifty. They would cover all the different kinds of cruelty the brutal human talent has ever invented.

E aora vos sabe, par esta indicas serta, ce aveni sur la direta personal de la Padre de Compatia en sua campania contra la midianes. La campania a Minnestota ia es mera un dupli de la ataca a la midianes. No cosa ia aveni en la un cual no aveni en la otra.

And now you know, by these sure indications, what happened under the personal direction of the Father of Mercies in his Midianite campaign. The Minnesota campaign was merely a duplicate of the Midianite raid. Nothing happened in the one that didn’t happen in the other.

No, acel no es seria vera. La indianes ia es plu compatia ce la Padre de Compatia. Los no ia vende virjines como sclavios per atende la libidos de la mator de sua familias en cuando sua vives triste ta dura; los ia viole los, alora los ia fa ce sua sufris seguente ta es corta, e fini los con la donada cara de moria. Los ia arde alga de la casas, ma no tota de los. Los ia fura bestas muda e inosente, ma los no ia mata los.

No, that is not strictly true. The Indian was more merciful than was the Father of Mercies. He sold no virgins into slavery to minister to the lusts of the murderers of their kindred while their sad lives might last; he raped them, then charitably made their subsequent sufferings brief, ending them with the precious gift of death. He burned some of the houses, but not all of them. He carried out innocent dumb brutes, but he took the lives of none.

Vos ta espeta ce esta mesma Dio sin consiensa, esta bancarota moral, ta deveni un mestre de morales; de jentilia; de umilia; de virtua; de puria? Pare nonposible, estravagante; ma escuta el. Estas es sua parolas propre:

Would you expect this same conscienceless God, this moral bankrupt, to become a teacher of morals; of gentleness; of meekness; of righteousness; of purity? It looks impossible, extravagant; but listen to him. These are his own words:

Bondiseda es la povre en spirito, car la renia de sielo es de los.
Bondiseda es los ci lamenta, car los va es confortada.
Bondiseda es la umil, car los va erita la tera.
Bondiseda es los ci es fame e side per virtua, car los va es plenida.
Bondiseda es la compatos, car los va oteni compatia.
Bondiseda es la pur en cor, car los va vide Dio.
Bondiseda es los ci trae pas, car los va es clamada la enfantes de Dio.
Bondiseda es los ci es perseguida per la causa de virtua, car la renia de sielo es de los.
Bondiseda es vos, cuando omes va maltrata vos, e persegui vos, e dise falsa tota formas de malia contra los, per la benefica de me.

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted.
Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.
Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled.
Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.
Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.
Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.
Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.

La boca cual ia dise esta sarcasmas enorme, esta ipocritias jigante, es la mesma cual ia comanda la masacra completa de la umanas e bebes e bestas de la midianes; la destrui completa de casas e sites; la esclui completa de la virjines a sclavia mugros e ultra descrive. Esta es la mesma person ci ia trae a la midianes la cruelias vil cual ia es repeteda par la indianes roja, detalia par detalia, en Minnesota des-oto sentenios a pos. La episodio de la midianes ia pleni el con joia. Ance la episodia en Minnesota, o el ta preveni el.

The mouth that uttered these immense sarcasms, these giant hypocrisies, is the very same that ordered the wholesale massacre of the Midianitish men and babies and cattle; the wholesale destruction of house and city; the wholesale banishment of the virgins into a filthy and unspeakable slavery. This is the same person who brought upon the Midianites the fiendish cruelties which were repeated by the red Indians, detail by detail, in Minnesota eighteen centuries later. The Midianite episode filled him with joy. So did the Minnesota one, or he would have prevented it.

La Bondises e la capitoles sitada de Numeros e Deuteronomio debe sempre es lejeda de la plataforma de predica la un con la otra; alora la reuni ta reseta un vista completa de Nos Padre en Sielo. Ma me no ia oia de an un caso de un eglesor ci ia fa esta.

The Beatitudes and the quoted chapters from Numbers and Deuteronomy ought always to be read from the pulpit together; then the congregation would get an all-round view of Our Father in Heaven. Yet not in a single instance have I ever known a clergyman to do this.

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