The following is close to the original list of words for LFN. They are arranged, as they originally were, by semantic and syntactic categories derived from Frederick Bodmer's The Loom of Language. Only a few words have been added or changed.

Basic Vocabulary for Lingua Franca Nova

Very basic words Parolas vera fundal

Particles Particulas

the la
a, one un

this (here) esta
that (there) acel

past tense ia
future tense va
would (conditional/subjunctive) ta

Pronouns Pronomes

I, me me
my mea
we, us nos
our nosa

you (singular) tu
your (singular) tua
you (plural) vos
your (plural) vosa

he, she, him, her el
it lo
they, them los
himself, herself, itself, themselves se
one (indefinite pronoun) on
his, her, its, their, one's sua

what, that, which cual
who, whom ci
whose de ci
why perce

Conjunctions Juntas

and e
both… and e… e
or o
either… or o… o
neither… nor no… no
but ma
if, whether si
then, consequently donce
because car
in order that, so that afin
that ce

Affirmation and negation Afirma e nega

actually, indeed vera
by all means a tota modos
by no means a no modo
certainly serta
evidently evidente
of course natural
no, not no
maybe cisa
perhaps posible
probably probable
yes si
is it the case that…? (question particle) esce…?

Basic verbs Verbos fundal

Very basic verbs Verbos vera fundal

be es
become deveni
do, cause to fa
let, allow, permit permete
must, should, need debe
want, intend vole
can, could, be able pote

Simple movements Moves simple

arrive ariva
come veni
come back reveni
depart, leave parti
enter entra
exit sorti
fall cade
fly vola
follow segue
go vade
jump salta
raise, rise, lift leva
roll rola
run core
sit senta
stand sta
rest resta
stop para
swim nada
travel viaja
walk pasea

Change Cambia

begin comensa
break rompe
burn arde
change cambia
close clui
cool fri, fresci
dry seci
empty vacui
fall cade
fill pleni
finish, end fini
follow segue
hang pende
heat caldi
lead dirije
open abri
wet, moisten moia

Weather La clima

freeze jela
rain pluve
shine brilia
snow neva

Biological actions Atas biolojial

be born nase
die mori
drink bevi
eat come
hear oia
listen escuta
live vive
need manca
see vide
sleep dormi
smell ole
taste proba
waken velia

Emotions Emosias

cry, weep plora
desire, wish desira
fear teme
feel (well, etc.) senti
hate odia
hope espera
hurt, ache dole
interest interesa
laugh rie
like, enjoy gusta
love ama
please plase
prefer prefere
smile surie

Thoughts Pensa

believe crede
decide deside
dream sonia
forget oblida
know (a fact) sabe
know, be acquainted with conose
learn aprende
make a mistake, err era
remember recorda
think pensa
understand, comprehend comprende

Choice and exchange Eleje e intercambia

buy compra
choose, elect eleje
collect, gather, pick colie
compare compara
cost custa
give dona
have ave
pay paia
sell vende
take prende

Speech Parla

agree acorda
answer responde
ask demanda
call (name) clama
count conta
define defini
describe descrive
discuss discute
explain esplica
forgive pardona
greet saluta
introduce (person), present presenta
invite invita
joke, jest broma
lie menti
measure mesura
pardon pardona
permit permete
promise promete
pronounce pronunsia
read leje
recommend recomenda
refuse refusa
repeat repete
say, tell dise
shout cria
sing canta
speak parla
spell spele
suggest sujesta
tell, relate raconta
thank grasia
translate tradui
write scrive

Cultural actions Atas cultural

bathe bani
celebrate selebra
comb peteni
cook coce
cure, heal cura
dance dansa
draw, sketch desinia
dress vesti
drive (a vehicle) gida
fasten, fix fisa
kiss besa
live, dwell abita
play (game) jua
send envia
study studia
teach instrui
visit visita
wash lava
wear (clothes) porta
work labora

Other actions Otra atas

avoid evita
bring trae
carry porta
cause causa
cut corti
do, make fa
find trova
help aida
hit, strike colpa
hurt, injure feri
lose perde
pull tira
push puia
put, place pone
seem, appear pare
throw lansa
tie lia
touch, knock, play toca
use usa
win, gain gania

Basic adjectives Ajetivos fundal

Spatial adjectives Ajetivos spasial

closed cluida
covered covreda
deep profonda
distant distante
empty vacua
enormous enorme
external esterna
flat plana
following, next seguente
full plen
heavy pesosa
high alta
intact intata
internal interna
large grande
last ultima
left sinistra
long longa
low basa
mixed miscada
mobile movable
narrow streta
near prosima
neighboring visina
open abrida
parallel paralel
right (not left) destra
round ronda
separate separada
shallow basa
sharp acuta
short corta
small, little pico
square cuadro
steep presipe
straight, direct direta
thick, not thin spesa
thin magra
wide, broad larga

Existential adjectives Ajetivos de esiste

absent asente
alone sola
ambiguous ambigua
common comun
complete completa
complicated complicada
different diferente
double duple
entire intera
equal egal
general jeneral
opposite oposante
only, sole sola
other otra
real real
same mesma
similar simil
simple simple
unequal nonegal

Evaluative adjectives Ajetivos de evalua

bad mal
good bon
just justa
unjust nonjusta
doubtful dutada
false, wrong falsa
impossible nonposible
necessary nesesada
probable probable
possible posible
sure, certain serta
true vera

inferior inferior
major major
maximum la plu, masima
mean, average promedia
middle media
minor minor
minimum la min, minima
superior superior
supreme suprema

beautiful, pretty bela
cheap barata
clean limpa
comfortable comfortosa
comic comica
correct coreta
dangerous perilosa
dear, beloved cara
delicate, easily damaged delicata
difficult nonfasil
dirty bruta
easy fasil
elegant refinada
exact esata
expensive cara
extreme estrema
forbidden proibida
foreign stranjer
harmful nosiva
holy santa
important importante
incredible noncredable
interesting interesante
known conoseda
laughable, ridiculous riable
lost perdeda
own, one's own propre
painful dolosa
perfect perfeta
precise esata
private privata
public publica
pure pur
rare rara
safe, secure secur
secret secreta
severe sever
special spesial
strange strana
ugly fea
uncomfortable noncomfortosa
unfortunate nonfortunosa
useful usable
usual usual
violent violente

Colors Colores

color color
black negra
light blue, sky blue azul
dark blue, navy blue blu
brown brun
clear clar
dark oscur
fair, blond blonde
gray gris
green verde
orange orania
pale pal
pink ros
purple purpur
red roja
white blanca
yellow jala

Other sensory adjectives Ajetivos de otra sensas

bitter amarga
boiling bolinte
cold fria
cooked coceda
cool fresca
damp umida
dense densa
dry seca
edible comable
firm, fixed firma
fresh, new fresca
fried fritada
hard dur
hollow cava
hot calda
light, lightweight lejera
loose, slack laxe
loud, strong forte
mild suave, dulse
raw cru
rigid rijida
ripe matur
rough (not smooth) ru
salty salosa
silent, mute silente
smooth lisa
soft, not hard mol
sour asida
sticky viscosa
sweet dulse
tender mol
tight streta
warm, tepid tepida
wet umida

Biological adjectives Ajetivos biolojial

awake veliada
blind sieca
busy ocupada
dead mor
deaf sorda
drunk ebra
dumb muda
fat obesa
feeble, weak debil
female fema
fertile fertil
healthy sana
hungry fama
lean magra
male mas
naked nuda
poor povre
pregnant ensinta
rich rica
satisfied sasiada
sick, ill malada
sober sobre
strong forte
thirsty side
tired fatigada
young joven

Mental adjectives Ajetivos mental

able, capable capas
agreeable gustable
amusing divertinte
angry coler
astonished surprendeda
brave, courageous corajosa
cheerful felis
content contente
cruel cruel
curious, inquisitive curiosa
dishonest nononesta
educated instruida
employed empleada
faithful fidosa
foolish stupida
free libre
friendly amin
grateful grasiosa
guilty culpable
happy felis
honest onesta
human, humane umana
jealous jelosa
joyous joiosa
just, fair justa
kind jentil
lazy pigra
mad, crazy fol
married sposida
nice amable
polite cortes
proud orgulosa
quiet, calm cuieta
rude noncortes
sad triste
unhappy nonfelis
wise saja

“Where?” words Parolas de “do?”

Prepositions Preposadas

at, to a
in front of ante
behind pos
from, out of de
in, into en
outside estra
on sur
above, over supra
below, under su
between, among entre
by, beside, up to asta
along longo
across, through tra
beyond, past ultra
around sirca
against, opposite contra

Adverbs Averbos

above, upstairs, upward a supra
around a sirca
backwards, behind a pos
before, in front of, forward a ante
below, downstairs, downward a su
inside a interna
on the left a sinistra
on the right a destra
opposite, facing a contra
outside a estra
through, across a tra

nearby a prosima
far away a distante
home, homeward, at home a casa
abroad a stranjer

here, hither asi
there, thither ala
hence, from here de asi
thence, from there de ala
here and there asi e ala

area, locale parte
location, place loca

somewhere a alga loca
anywhere, wherever a cualce loca
elsewhere a otra loca
everywhere a cada loca
nowhere a no loca

“How many?” words Parolas de “cuanto?”

Particles Particulas

all tota
every, each cada
many multe
some alga
any cualce
few poca
no, none no
same mesma
other, else otra

person person
thing cosa
everyone cadun
someone algun
anyone cualcun
no one nun
certain serta
both ambos

enough bastante
such tal
too tro
sole, only sola

Numbers Numeros

one un
two du
three tre
four cuatro
five sinco
six ses
seven sete
eight oto
nine nove
ten des

eleven des-un
twenty dudes
hundred sento
thousand mil
million milion

first prima
whole intera
unitary, simple simple

once a un ves
twice a du veses

more… than plu… ca
less… than min… ca
as… as, like como
as many as, as much as cuanto

Measures Mesuras

meter metre
are are
liter litre
gram gram
degree grado

micro- micro- (milioni)
milli- mili-
centi- senti-
deci- desi-
deka- deca- (des)
hecto- ecto- (sento)
kilo- cilo- (mil)
mega- mega- (milion)

Adverbs Averbos

about sirca
above all supra tota
almost cuasi
also, too ance
as much, so, so much cuanto
at least a min
at most a plu
besides plu
chiefly xef
completely completa
enough bastante
even mesma
exactly, just so esata
extremely estrema
first, in the first place prima
hardly, scarcely apena
lastly ultima
less and less sempre min
little, not much poca
more and more sempre plu
more or less plu o min
mostly per la plu
much, very multe
not at all tota no
not even no an
only sola
partly partal
somewhat alga
too, too much tro

“When?” words Parolas de “cuando?”

Nouns Nomes

time tempo
occasion, time ves
past pasada
present presente
future futur

second secondo
minute minuto
hour ora
midday, noon mediadia
midnight medianote
day dia
morning matina
evening sera
night note

week semana
month mense
year anio
decade desenio
century sentenio
millenia milenio
era, epoch epoca

spring primavera
summer estate
autumn autono
winter inverno

Months Menses

January janero
February febrero
March marto
April april
May maio
June junio
July julio
August agosto
September setembre
October otobre
November novembre
December desembre

Days of the week Dias de semana

Monday lundi
Tuesday martedi
Wednesday mercurdi
Thursday jovedi
Friday venerdi
Saturday saturdi
Sunday soldi

Adjectives Ajetivos

ancient antica
fast rapida
late, tardy tarda
future futur
monthly mensal
next seguente
new nova
old vea
past pasada
previous, preceding presedente
present (of time) presente
ready preparada
recent resente
slow lenta
sudden subita

Prepositions Preposadas

at a
before ante
after pos
since de
in (… from now) pos
until asta
during en, tra

Conjunctions Juntas

after pos cuando
before ante cuando
since de cuando
till, until asta cuando
while en cuando

Adverbs Averbos

now, at once, at present aora
then, at that time, then alora
after, afterwards pos aora, pos alora
before, previously, formerly ante aora, ante alora
from then on, since then de alora
from now on, henceforth de aora
until then asta alora
until now asta aora
not yet, not now no aora
again denova

at times a veses
at all times a tota veses
every time a cada ves
at any time a cualce ves
often, repeatedly a multe veses
sometimes, from time to time, now and then alga veses
seldom, occasionally a poca veses
formerly, at other times a otra veses
this time a esta ves
not this time no a esta ves

on time, in time a tempo
always sempre, a tota tempo
never nunca, a no tempo
at the same time simultan, a la mesma tempo

early, quick, soon, shortly pronto
as soon as possible tan pronto como posible
soon after pronto pos
next seguente
late tarda
at the latest a la plu tarda
lately resente
meanwhile en la entretempo
already ja
still, yet ancora
at first a prima
at last a fini
in the past en la pasada
in the future en la futur

in the morning a matina
in the evening a sera
at night a note
this morning a esta matina
every morning a cada matina
today oji
yesterday ier
tomorrow doman
yesterday morning a matina ier
tomorrow evening a sera doman
the other day a la otra dia
the day before yesterday a la dia ante ier
the day after tomorrow a la dia pos doman
this week a esta semana
last week a la semana ante esta
next week a la semana pos esta
in one week pos un semana

daily a cada dia
weekly a cada semana
monthly a cada mense
yearly a cada anio

what is the time? cual es la ora?
it is one o'clock la ora es un
half past five sinco e media
quarter to five sinco min un cuatri
quarter past five sinco e un cuatri
twenty to five sinco min dudes
twenty past five sinco e dudes

“How?” words Parolas de “como?”

Prepositions Preposadas

of, about, concerning de
for, as a means of, in order to, on behalf of per
by (actor, author) par
because of par causa de
with, by means of, in company of con
without, except sin
opposite, against, in spite of contra
approximately sirca

Adverbs Averbos

aloud a vose
as it were, you could say, as if, like… simil
badly mal
by chance acaso
by heart perfeta
deliberately, carefully atendente
directly direta
for instance, for example per esemplo
fortunately fortunosa
hastily fretosa
in general jeneral
in vain futil
little by little pico e pico
loudly forte
notably, nota bene notable
on purpose, intentionally, willingly volente
quickly pronto
rather, preferably plu bon
slowly lenta
so, thus en esta modo, tal
softly dulse
suddenly subita
together juntada
unfortunately nonfortunosa
well bon

Basic nouns Nomes fundal

The sky La sielo

air aira
cloud nube
darkness oscuria
frost jelada
ice jelo
light lus
night note
noise ruido
rain pluve
shadow ombra
sky sielo
smoke fuma
snow neva
storm tempesta
thunder tona
weather tempo
wind venta

The water La acua

bay baia
beach plaia
bottom fondo
cape capo
coast costa
island isola
lake lago
pond stange
river rio
sand arena
sea mar
stream rieta
water acua
wave onda

The land La tera

cave cava
countryside campania
desert deserto
land tera
field campo
flower flor
forest foresta
garden jardin
grass erba
hill colina
hole buco
meadow prado
mountain monte
mud fango
plain plano
rock roca
valley vale
view vista

Other nature nouns Otra nomes de natur

east este
north norde
south sude
west ueste

nature natur
world mundo

sun sol
moon luna
earth tera
star stela

Atlantic Atlantica
Pacific Pasifica
Europe Europa
Asia Asia
Africa Africa
Australia Australia
America America

The body La corpo

ankle talo
arm braso
back dorso
beard barba
blood sangue
body corpo
bone oso
brain serebro
breast seno
cheek jena
chest peto
chin mento
ear orea
elbow codo
eye oio
face fas
finger dito
flesh carne
foot pede
hair (on head) capel(es)
hand mano
head testa
heart cor
hip anca
knee jeno
leg gama
lip labio
moustache mustax
mouth boca
muscle musculo
nail ungia
neck colo
nose nas
shoulder spala
skin pel
stomach stomaco
tear larma
throat garga
thumb diton
toe dito de pede
tongue lingua
tooth dente
wrist polso

age eda
appetite apetito
cold cataro
complexion color
cough tose
danger peril
disease maladia
fever febre
health sania
pulse pulsa
surgery sirurjia
wound feri

Animals Animales

animal animal
mammal mamal
bear urso
cat gato
cattle bove
dog can
donkey asino
elephant elefante
fox volpe
goat capra
hare lepre
horse cavalo
lion leon
monkey simia
mouse mus
mule mulo
pig porco
rabbit coneo
rat rata
seal foca
sheep ovea
squirrel scural
tiger tigre
whale balena
wolf lupo

bird avia
chicken gal
duck pato
goose ganso

fish pex
cod gado
eel angila
herring arenge
salmon salmon
trout truta
tuna tun
shark selaco
lizard lezardo
snake serpente
frog rana

insect inseto
ant formica
bee abea
butterfly papilio
fly mosca
mosquito moscito
wasp vespa
spider arania

lobster langosta
mussel muslo
octopus polpo
oyster ostra
snail caracol
worm verme

feather pluma
fin pina
horn corno
skin, fur pelo
tail coda
wing ala

Trees Arbores

tree arbor
oak cuerco
pine pino
vine vite
nut noza
berry baca
branch ramo
fruit fruta
leaf folia
root radis
seed, pip seme

Fruits Frutas

apple poma
apricot abricoca
cherry serisa
date datila
fig figa
grape uva
lemon limon
lime lim
melon melon
olive oliva
orange orania
peach pesca
pear pera
pineapple ananas
plum pruna
raspberry frambosa
strawberry fresa

Vegetables Vejetales

artichoke caxofa
asparagus asparago
bean fava
cabbage col
carrot carota
cauliflower coliflor
celery seleri
chive sibolina
cucumber concombre
garlic alio
herbs erbas
legume legum
lentil lentil
lettuce letuga
mint menta
mushroom fungo
onion onion
parsley persil
pea piso
potato patata
pumpkin zuca
radish rabano
sage salvia
spinach spinax
tomato tomate
turnip nabo
grain gran
barley orzo
maize, corn mais
oats avena
rice ris
rye segal
wheat trigo

Meals Comes

meal, dinner come
breakfast come de matina
lunch come media
supper come de sera
food comeda
dessert deser
salad salada
soup sopa
stew ragu

Meats Carnes

meat carne
bacon lardo
beef carne de bove
chicken carne de gal
cut talia
fat gras
mutton carne de ovea
pork carne de porco
rib costela
roast rosta
sausage salsix
steak steca

Other foods Otra comedas

biscuit biscoto
bread pan
cake torta
flour farina
roll, bun paneta

butter bur
cheese ceso
cream crema
egg ovo
omelet omeleta

honey miel
jam jalea
mustard mostarda
oil olio
pepper peper
salt sal
sauce salsa
sugar zucar
vinegar vinagra

Beverages Bevidas

beverage, drink bevida
alcohol alcol
beer bir
brandy coniac
coffee cafe
milk lete
soda water soda
tea te
wine vino

The table La table

cup tas
glass vitro
plate, dish plato
saucer plateta
tray, platter platon
fork force
knife cotel
spoon culier
napkin teleta
tablecloth telon

The kitchen La cosina

basin, bowl bol
bottle botela
coffeepot vaso de cafe
frying pan padela
jug jar
kettle caldera
lid covrente
pot vaso
saucepan, pan casoleta
scale (for weighing) balansa
teapot vaso de te

Tools Utiles

tool, instrument util
machine macina

axe axa
chisel sisel
hammer martel
shovel, spade pala
gun fusil
pliers pinse
saw siera
screwdriver turnavise
wrench, spanner clave

broom scopa
bucket balde
iron (for ironing) fero calda
ladder scala
sponge sponja

needle ago
pin spino
scissors sisor

bag saco
ball bal
box caxa
key clave
lock securador

cord corda
line linia
match fosfor
nail clo
net rede
nut torca
pipe (water, etc.) tubo
razorblade lama
screw vise
wire filo

Materials Materias

metal metal
brass laton
copper cupre
gold oro
iron fero
lead plomo
silver arjento
steel asero

brick brice
concrete concreta
glass vitro
leather cuoro
marble marmo
stone petra
wood lenio

Clothes Vestes

item of clothing veste
fashion moda

panties, underpants pantaleta
petticoat faldeta
slip robeta
sock calseta
stocking calsa
tights calson
undershirt camiseta

nightgown camisa de note
pyjamas pijama

apron faldon
dress roba
shirt camisa
shorts pantala
skirt falda
trousers pantalon
tunic camison
suit completa

coat, jacket jaca
overcoat, raincoat jacon
waistcoat, vest jaceta

boot bota
glove ganto
hat xapo
sandal sandal
shoe sapato

belt sintur
handkerchief teleta
tie cravata

jewelry joalas
jewelry case portajoala
bracelet brasaleta
earring orealeta
necklace colareta
ring anelo

briefcase portafolio
handbag bolsa
parasol parasol
glasses, spectacles oculo
umbrella parapluve
wallet, purse portamone
watch orolojo

cigar sigar
cigarette sigareta
pipe pipa

button boton
collar colar
pocket pox

cloth, fabric stofa
cloth, piece of cloth tela
cotton coton
silk seda
wool lana

brush brosa
comb peten
powder polvo
soap sapon
toothbrush brosa de dentes

People Persones

man om
woman fem
boy xico
girl xica
Mr., sir, gentleman, lord senior
Mrs., Miss, Ms., ma'am, lady seniora

name nom
person person

family familia
father padre, papa
mother madre, mama
brother frate
sister sore
son fio
daughter fia
uncle tio
aunt tia
nephew sobrino
niece sobrina
grandfather avo
grandmother ava
grandson neto
granddaughter neta
cousin cusin

husband sposo
wife sposa
marriage sposi
divorce divorsa
in-law … par sposi

baby bebe
child enfante
teenager adolesente
adult adulte
friend ami
enemy enemi

Work Labora

actor ator
ambassador ambasador
author autor
baker panor
butcher carnor
captain capitan
cashier, purser caxor
chef xef de cosina
chemist, pharmacist, druggist farmasiste
client, customer cliente
cook cosinor
dentist dentiste
doctor dotor
engineer injenior
judge judor
king re
lawyer avocato
maid, valet cameror
manager dirijor
mechanic maciniste
musician musiciste
nurse (hospital) curor
official ofisior
painter pintor
policeman polisior
porter portor
postman, postwoman postor
programmer programor
queen rea
servant servor
shoemaker sapator
shopper compror
singer cantor
student studiante
surgeon sirurjiste
tailor talior
teacher ensenior
waiter, waitress servor
workman, laborer, peasant laboror

Thoughts Pensas

idea idea
manner modo
memory memoria
mind mente
mood, temper umor
need nesesa
sense, meaning sinifia
sentence frase
voice vose
word parola

Reading and writing Leje e scrive

book libro
date data
dictionary disionario
eraser, rubber goma de cansela
ink inca
lesson, lecture leson
map mapa
menu menu
news novas
newspaper jornal
note nota
number numero
page paje
paper paper
pen pen
pencil peneta
periodical, magazine revista
poetry poesia
signature suscrive

case, instance caso
detail detalia
example esemplo
fact fato
point punto
problem problem

address adirije
bill fatura
card carta
email e-posta
envelope envelopa
letter letera
mail posta
mailbox caxa de posta
parcel paceta
postage tarifa postal
postcard carta postal
post office posteria
sender envior
stamp selo

Music Musica

orchestra orcestra
band bande
soloist soliste
musician musiciste
singer cantor
instrument strumento

flute flauta
saxophone sasofon
horn corno
trumpet trompeta
violin violin
cello xelo
guitar gitar
piano piano
accordion acordion
organ organo
drum tambur
bell campana

The town La vila

city site
town vila
village vileta

building construida
dairy leteria
farm cultiveria
bakery paneria
bank banco
boarding house, B&B oteleta
bookshop libreria
butcher's shop carneria
hospital ospital
hotel, inn otel
laundry laveria
library biblioteca
market mercato
restaurant restorante
theater teatro
embassy, consulate ambasada
factory fabriceria
office ofisia
police station polisieria
prison prison
school scola
university universia

castle castel
cathedral catedral
church eglesa
museum museo
palace palasio
tower tore

bridge ponte
courtyard patio
fountain fonte
square plaza

highway via
railroad ferovia
road (country) rua
street (city) strada
walk, sidewalk, pavement paseria

The house la casa

house casa
flat, apartment aparte

bathroom sala de banio
bedroom sala de dormi
closet saleta
dining room sala de come
kitchen cosina
living room, lounge salon
pantry, larder saleta de comedas
room sala
toilet saleta privata

balcony balcon
basement susolo
ceiling sofito
chimney ximine
corner angulo
door porte

elevator asendador
floor, story nivel
ground floor nivel de tera
roof teto
stairs scalera
wall mur
window fenetra

armchair sejon
bed leto
cabinet, cupboard armario
carpet tapeto
chair, seat seja
couch, sofa sofa
drawer caxeta
furniture mobilas
stool sejeta
table table
wardrobe armario de vestes

air conditioner frescador
bath banio
fan ventador
freezer jelador
furnace, heater caldador
oven forno
refrigerator friador
sink lavabo
stove stufa
telephone telefon
vacuum cleaner despolvador
washer, washing machine lavador

alarm clock veliador
basket sesto
bell (door) campaneta
blanket covreleto
candle candela
candlestick portacandela
curtain cortina
cushion cuxin
fire foco
flame flama
flower pot portaflor
lamp lampa
mirror miror
picture pitur
pillow cuxin
CD, record disco
sheet telon
towel tela
toy jueta

electricity eletrica
switch comutador
on comutada
off descomutada

The computer La computador

computer computador
mouse mus
modem modem
printer primador

memory memoria
disk disco
data datos
file fix
folder arcivo
document documento
menu menu
software, program, application program

internet interede
world wide web rede mundal, ueb
browser surfador
online enlinia
offline estralinia

Transportation Transporta

arrival ariva
baggage bagaje
connection cambia
customs duana
delay retarda
departure parti
entrance entra
exit sorti
passenger viajor
passport pasaporte
platform plataforma
station stasion
suitcase valis
ticket bileta

airplane avion
automobile auto
bicycle bisicle
boat barco
coach, railroad car vagon
locomotive, engine locomotiva
motorcycle motosicle
ship barcon
train tren
tram, trolley car tram
truck, lorry camion

brake freno
engine motor
gasoline, petrol gasolina
pump pompa
puncture creve
sail vela
steering wheel volante
tire, tyre numatico
wheel rota
windshield, windscreen paraventa

Society Sosia

accident asidente
army armada
art arte
company compania
country pais
crime crimin
government governa
group grupo
history istoria
language, tongue lingua
luxury luso
law lege
money mone
nation nasion
peace pas
people, community popla
politics politica
price custa
prize premio
right, just claim direto
rule, regulation regula
science siensa
sport sporte
wages salario
war gera